Need More Time?  Need More Expertise? 

If you’re a Credit Union executive looking for an affordable solution to meeting the demands of this uncertain economy and increased regulation, Debra Taylor Templin is the business partner you’re looking for.
  • Credit Analytics – Risk Stratification, FICO Migration, LTV Analysis, Data Mining
  • Risk Management – Analysis & Policies Support
  • Strategic Planning – Facilitation, Monitoring, Business Plan Development
  • "CFO in a Box" Services – Budget, ALLL Evaluation, Reporting
  • Excel Applications – Development, Optimization
  • Training & Education – Presentations on Financial Topics

In today’s challenging environment, Debra can bridge the gap between resources and demands when hiring a permanent full-time professional is not an option. 

In order to navigate through these difficult economic times, it is imperative you have a solid financial plan.  More importantly, you need an expert who can not only measure and analyze trends, spot weaknesses and opportunities, but also develop strategies to remain on track to achieving your goals. 

Selecting an outsourcing relationship is an important decision, especially when determining the right fit solution unique to your credit union.  You want an experienced professional who is flexible and able to see your business through your eyes.

Debra understands the challenges credit unions face, having worked in the industry for more than 25 years.  Her area of expertise consists of a wide range of financial and strategic services with a credit union-centered philosophy. The goal is simple:  To provide solutions that make a difference to the success of each credit union she works with.

Executive & Financial Consulting For Credit Unions
Debra Taylor Templin    (310) 977-8933